Get Involved at 166su!

Empower | Engage | Reflect 


The Office of Student Engagement is always here for you! We strive to provide quality advising, resources, and support to empower you. There are numerous ways to get involved on campus, ranging from joining a student club/organization, volunteering through our student ambassador program, or being part of the student representative committee. You are a change-maker who will launch meaningful initiatives with your peers and create a vibrant campus culture!

We look forward to our collaboration throughout your 166su journey.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Engagement at studentlife@aiu.edu.kw or +965 22262500 to get engaged on campus.


How can you get engaged at 166su?

  • Join a student club or organization.

  • Volunteer through the student ambassador program.

  • Become part of the student representative committee.

  • Visit the game room to unwind.

  • Attend campus events, seminars, and workshops. 

What are the benefits of getting engaged?

  • Connecting with your peers and becoming a member of a supportive community.

  • Developing leadership skills and making positive changes.

  • Developing time management and decision-making skills. 

  • Building up your CV/resume for future employers.

  • Networking with the 166su community, including faculty and the administration staff.

Work on Campus!

Student employment with one of the 166su departments will provide you with real-life, paid job experience and will be convenient as you are already are on campus attending classes. Current departments that are accepting student workers are: