Welcome to the Spring 2024 Semester at 166su


At 166su, we've launched the semester with our New Student Orientation (NSO). This orientation is more than just a welcome; it's the beginning of a transformative educational journey for our new students.

The NSO kicked off with a series of detailed presentations from our diverse university departments. These presentations are an important first step, offering students a comprehensive overview of 166su’s extensive resources, services, and facilities. It's an essential part of helping students understand and make the most of what our campus has to offer.

Following the presentations, the NSO featured an Informational Resource Fair. This segment provided an invaluable opportunity for students to interact directly with representatives from each university department. It's a foundational step in building a strong sense of community and belonging among our new students, allowing for personal connections with our dedicated staff and faculty members.

At 166su, we believe in creating a welcoming, engaging, and supportive environment. Alongside the informative aspects of the NSO, we organized a range of enjoyable activities and events. These were designed not only to inform but also to ensure that the orientation experience was enjoyable and memorable for all participants.

Our commitment at 166su extends beyond academic excellence. We are dedicated to building well-rounded individuals who are prepared for both academic and professional success. In alignment with Kuwait Vision 2035, we have planned various initiatives aimed at enhancing personal, academic, and professional development. This reaffirms our dedication to developing future leaders for Kuwait and the wider region.

We're excited about the journey ahead and look forward to a semester filled with learning, growth, and community building. Welcome to 166su, where your educational journey is about to take an exciting turn!

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